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If you want to bulk up and strengthen your thighs, the hip thrust machine should be part of your workout program. The hip thrust, a bent-leg range-of-motion exercise done with your back on a raised surface, is a favorite of lifters everywhere for its unique ability to target the posterior chain, particularly the glutes. Just like great body strength, great health, and a great fitness routine, your hip thrust machine needs proper maintenance to work properly and provide you with a great workout.

In this article, we are going to discuss all the key points and tips to keep your machine in good working condition whether it is in your home gym or in the commercial gym. But first, let’s learn how to use the Hip thrust machine and what it does.

How To Use Hip Thrust Machine

The hip thrust is a glute workout that is intended to improve your strength, speed, and power. It aids with hip extension by moving the glutes behind the torso. Your total power, speed, and strength will be less formidable if your glutes are weak.

Even if you may strengthen your legs with other workouts, your glutes are the primary source of power, and you must perform hip thrusts to achieve your personal best. A hip thrust may be performed in a variety of methods, including utilizing weights, equipment, or your legs on their own.

Any of these workouts can help you strengthen your glutes and increase your power, speed, and strength.

There are four primary reasons to perform hip thrusts:

  • It will help to increase the size and strength of your glutes.
  • It will boost your sprint and acceleration speed.
  • It will improve your squat power.
  • It will boost your body’s general function.

You may sit in place and lean on the back piece. You will have a cushioned roller bar at your hips, and you will be able to sit in the same ready posture, with your back straight and your feet firmly planted on the ground in front of you, knees lifted. Squeeze your glutes and raise them when you are ready. You may repeat the rep sets and build up until your sets are where you’d like them to be.

What Does the Hip Thrust Exercise Machine Do?

One piece of gluteal contouring workout equipment is the hip thrust exercise machine. In fact, the hip thrust exercise activates the gluteus maximus muscle more than twice as much as hard barbell squats and exerts more strain on the hamstrings, not to mention being easier on the low back. The hip extensors are important muscles for daily tasks such as walking, standing, and climbing stairs. These muscles, however, are also essential for creating power for top athletic performance. This piece of exercise equipment is frequently sought after by exercisers looking to develop the muscles in the hip area. Many people nowadays lead sedentary lifestyles and do not appropriately use their glute muscles. If you experience lower back discomfort, integrating this exercise machine into your routine may assist.

Finally, because this exercise machine is so simple to use you can easily scale it up or down, it may be used as a warm-up, cool-down, or anything in between.

Maintaining Hip Thrust Machine of Your Home Gym

Many people handle their equipment as if it were furniture, and as a result, they frequently ignore home gym upkeep. However, if you wish to get the most out of your equipment and keep it in good condition for as long as possible, you need to be familiar with exercise equipment maintenance.

Wipe It Down:

Don’t be alarmed, though, because hip thrust exercise machine maintenance is rather straightforward. To begin, you should just maintain your equipment clean. Sweat will dry out the cushioned surfaces, generating early cracks that will harm the padding, and should be wiped off after each usage to avoid this. If you’re vigilant about eliminating perspiration, any sanitizing spray will suffice. To keep it clean and working at its best, try using a non-toxic soap and water solution to remove perspiration from the seat. To prevent dust, dirt, and other items like chalk from building up on the exposed areas of the machine, and other components, wash them down at least bi-weekly.

Reduce The Friction:

Excessive wear and tear may result from excessive friction and heat in the joints of the machine. Hip thrust and other pieces of gym equipment with moving parts require lubrication. The lubricant will aid in the prevention of rust on your exercise equipment. Always request the finest lubricant from your fitness store.

Purchase The Machine from A Good Brand:

Fake goods are ubiquitous in all industries, including the fitness equipment market. There are several machine suppliers that are available in the market, by conducting proper supplier evaluation or through a good sourcing agent you can land yourself a pretty good deal. Quality exercise equipment brands are expensive, but it is preferable to choose a pricey hip thrust machine that is robust and lasting over a cheap piece of equipment that will not last long. Always get high-quality workout equipment and accessories.

Maintaining Hip Thrust Machine of Your Commercial Gym

Gym operators, managers, and owners should be aware of the advice provided to guarantee that their hip thrust machines are up and always running by performing frequent and essential maintenance services. The following are the five most important commercial gym hip thrust machine maintenance tips:

A Cleaning Crew Should Be Scheduled At Least Once Every Day:

You cannot and should not rely on your employees to clean your gym from start to finish. That is why it is vital to have a dedicated cleaning staff clean every trace of your gym station, from the hip thrust machines to the flooring, at least once per day and maybe more frequently depending on your day-by-day traffic. This will maintain your exercise equipment fresh and clean while also extending its life of it by extending the period between things like re-upholstering chairs and remodeling metal components.

Gym wipes:

Keep the gym wipes available for the customers and encourage them to use them before using the machine. By getting it cleaned before each use there will be fewer chances of it getting soaked in sweat and fewer chances of its cushion getting a tear. Furthermore, people will notice additional cleaning equipment, providing everyone with a true sense of tranquility that the machine is pristine and sterile.

Check The Manufacture’s Guidelines:

The majority of hip thrust equipment comes with operating instructions in the form of manuals from the manufacturer. Make sure you read the maintenance instructions for the equipment. The information in the manual will assist you in carrying out the necessary maintenance steps and will guide what to do if the machine breaks down.

Schedule Preventative Maintenance:

A detailed and strictly adhered preventative maintenance plan will guarantee that you do periodic and routine maintenance on the equipment. The timetable will help you keep track of the repairs that need to be done in real-time. Prompt repairs will help you to keep the hip thrust machine working and avert malfunctions that may have otherwise occurred.

The hip thrust exercise machine is a glute exercise that teaches optimal hip extension to improve your gluteal strength, speed, and power. It’s entirely related to the power of your glutes, which are among your body’s most powerful muscles. The glutes are made to extend or pull the leg behind the body. Training on glute strength is important and can reduce the risk of pain, injury, daily movement, and athleticism.




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