Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours for On Site Service?

– Our hours for On Site Service start at 8am and end at 6 PM. We have emergency visit available.

How often is a Preventative Maintenance needed?

On most Residential Fitness Equipment a Preventative Maintenance is needed every 3 to 6 months depending on the usage. In a Commercial Setting a Preventative maintenance is needed every 1Month to 3 Months. We have custom Preventative Maintenance Package tailored to your Home/ Gym needs.

What is included in a Preventative Maintenance for a Treadmill?

Novo Gym Repair Authorized technician’s follow a 13 Step Maintenance Protocol of the follow.
– Walking Belt Tension/ Lubrication
– Incline/Motor Calibration
– Console Controls
– Ranges through Speed & Resistance
– Spacesaver Functionality
– Heart Rate Monitor Check
– Power Cord/ Ground/ Surge Protector
– Motor Belt Tension and Condition
– Electronic Dusting and Cleaning
– Switch Alignment
– Motor Voltage
– Cushioning System
– Lubricate moving parts

What kind of installations do you provide?

We provide all Fitness Equipment Installations, no job is to big or too small! We do Gym Installations to Residential Installations! Let us know what you are looking to install!

How much does a service call cost?

Service Call’s are only a Flat Fee starting at $99. We charge a flat fee so if a Technician spends 1 Hour or 3 Hour at the call it will be the same price!

Will repairs require a second trip?

Certain issues can be diagnosed over the phone, but noises coming from fitness machines are hard to detect the root of the cause without having a technician physically running the machine and hearing the sounds the machine makes.

Are Preventative Maintenance Packages Available?

Yes, a preventative maintenance packages are a great option to protect your investment. We offer different packages tailored to fit your needed. Our Preventative Maintenance Packages start from Weekly Visits all the way to Yearly Visits. Give us a Call for more information!