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The gym equipment diagnostics service from Novo Gym Repair gives you a thorough explanation of what is wrong with your exercise equipment as well as a solution route for setting things right so that you or your clients can go back to training! This may appear straightforward, but a clear, uncomplicated explanation of the issue and its relationship to the status of your computer is critical so that you may make the best possible option moving ahead.

This is an essential service since breakdowns or defects are rarely localized to a single component of your equipment. There is usually a series of events or other concerns that culminate in the breakdown or defect you are experiencing. If the other underlying faults are not recognized, installing a possibly costly replacement part will just delay the recurrence of a similar defect in the long run! An expensive and stressful exercise!!

As a result, the results of our diagnosis of gym equipment services will always provide you with a comprehensive explanation of the issue and how it relates to the machine’s condition and you, the end user. Novo Gym Repairs will always explain everything and provide a variety of ideas and suggestions so that you may reach a satisfactory conclusion.

Why Us?

Well, if you want to repair your equipment and diagnose the issues as quickly as in a day, then you will choose us. If we can repair it on the spot, we will discuss it with you beforehand and provide you with a set price for our exercise equipment services, which will cover all labor and components. You then select what you want to do, but you are under no obligation to carry out the repair. You will only be charged the gym equipment diagnostic cost if you opt not to proceed with the repair.

Feel free to contact us any time, we are more than pleased to hear and to take care of all your fitness equipment service and repair needs.

We offer Preventative Maintenance plans to help increase life of the
machine, decrease downtime, and mitigate expenses

Our Service plans are tailored to your equipment or Gym needs. Service plans start at Monthly Visits all the way to yearly. Call us today to find a plan that fits you!

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